Housing & Prices

Buying Off The Plan

The Jeevan Saath complex is to be built on 4911sqm of land at 205 Butler Boulevard, Butler, Western Australia. The land is situated approximately 42km from the Perth CBD and 13km from the Joondalup City Centre; please see LOCATION for more details. Development Approval for Jeevan Saath has been received and, subject to securing construction finance, it is hoped that the Jeevan Saath complex will be completed within 2 years after construction finance.

There has been reasonable interest in Jeevan Saath and its unique offering to date.

Buying off the plan can have many benefits, such as:

  • You will be able to secure your interest in the‘Jeevan Saath’ lifestyle
  • You will have additional time to prepare your finances
  • It allows you to secure a property at the current market price
  • Following payment of the deposit, you will not have to pay the balance of the purchase price until completion.

The 10% deposit is placed in a lawyer’s trust account which cannot be accessed by the seller until the handover of the apartment. All interest that accrues on the deposit, accrues for the purchaser and is paid to the purchaser on settlement from the lawyers trust account.

Housing Options

We understand that “How much?” is only half the question and that “What is on offer and How Much” is the full question

To make a good decision it is best to review what is on offer and then compare this with other housing options on offer and their related costs.

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The financial outcomes between the different types of ‘tenure’ can be very significant. For example of two cases published

Lease for Life

Strata Title

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Comparisons To Some Similar Options

The main areas for comparison in respect of apartments are

Age Restriction

A complex which is restricted to persons aged 55 and over will not only be less noisy but will have people of similar ages to spend your time with. Jeevan Saath is for residents aged over 55.

Apartment Size

One needs to compare all the areas which are usually made up of living, store, balcony areas as well as car bay provided. Apartments at Jeevan Saath are large and yet easy to maintain. The total area for most apartments will be around 120m2

Communal Areas

The total communal area as well as the number of apartments who have access to these areas is a major consideration in any lifestyle complex. In most apartment complexes, the communal area per apartment is so little that use is limited and restricted with you ending up within your apartment walls. One complex, currently being marketed has approximately 1,200 sqm of communal facilities for 118 apartments, that is 10sqm per apartment. Jeevan Saath will have over 3,000 m2 of communal facilities for 67 apartments, that is 45m2 per apartment; a difference of 35 m2 per apartment which worth a lot in construction and fit out costs.

Expected Pricing

A lifestyle complex for persons aged 55 and over, with resort style facilities embracing Indian culture…….there is nothing like this currently available or envisaged for Perth!

For the expected Apartment prices, what you would typically get in today’s market get is just a normal apartment….not a lifestyle apartment with all the resort and lifestyle facilities that Jeevan Saath will provide !

At Jeevan Saath you will not be buying an apartment… you will be investing in a Lifestyle!