Food Club

Fresh Daily Home Cooked Vegetarian Meals

Satisfy your appetite with home cooked meals! Other than in your own home, where can you get this?

Jeevan Saath is the first to offer apartment living with onsite optional Food Club which will provide residents with the flexible option to receive daily vegetarian meals for lunch and dinner.

You can cook your own meals in your apartment or, should you wish to do so, you can join the vegetarian Food Club on a weekly basis to receive all of your lunches and dinners for the week.

Jeevan Saath with feature a Communal Commercial Kitchen on the first floor which may be used for vegetarian cooking only. It is intended that two cooks will be engaged to prepare vegetarian lunches and dinners each day based on an agreed weekly menu for those residents of Jeevan Saath who have signed up for those meals that week. The communal kitchen will also be available for residents to use for vegetarian cooking.

The Jeevan Saath Food Club is only available for residents of Jeevan Saath (meals may however be ordered by a resident for their guests) and will be managed by a Food Committee.

Advantages Of Jeevan Saath Food Club

The main advantages of this unique feature are

  • Access to freshly home cooked vegetarian meals on a daily basis, meals that may be difficult and/or time-consuming for you to prepare.
  • Variety of foods. The Food Club will provide access to a wide variety of meals, including meals whose recipes you may not know or you may be unable or unwilling to prepare.
  • Cost savings. The cost of the vegetarian meals provided by the Food Club will be significantly cheaper than if they were purchased elsewhere such as a restaurant or café. The Food Club is to be operated solely to meet its costs and not to make a profit. Its to be a service for the like minded residents of Jeevan Saath.
  • Fresh meals. Meals provided by the Food Club will be prepared fresh each day. They will not be reheated meals or involve bulk precooked sauces or ingredients (which is even common is some restaurants).
  • Independence. For some people cooking can become difficult or something they would prefer not to do, particularly as they age or should they reach a point in their life where they are living by them self. The Food Club provides an opportunity to continue an independent life without the need to cook ones lunch or dinner.
  • Less shopping. By providing home cooked meals, the Food Club will reduce the need to shop for many of your meal requirements. This frees up much of the time a resident would otherwise have to spend food shopping to do what they enjoy.
  • Less cooking. The Food Club means that a resident does not have to cook their meals, other than breakfast, unless they want to. This further frees up a residents time to do what they enjoy.
  • Less washing. With meals being prepared by others the amount of pots, dishes, utensils and the like that a resident would have to wash, and the time this involves, is significantly reduced.
Food Club Operation
  • The Jeevan Saath Food Club will be managed by a Food Committee, a committee of five residents who will work with the Social & Jeevan Saath Complex Coordinator.
  • The Food Committee will manage the Food Club and Communal Kitchen.
  • The Food Committee will set the weekly menus for lunch and dinner from a large number of available vegetarian options. These menus will be displayed in the dining hall and state the price for each of the meals available that coming week
  • Residents who wish to join the Food Club will pay a one off joining fee (intended to be $101) and a bond of $200.00
  • Residents who wish to dine in the Food Club in the coming week will need to order those meals before the order deadline (intended to be 2pm Thursday) before the commencement of the next week to enable the purchase of the necessary provisions for those meals. Orders once made cannot be cancelled. It is intended that residents will dine in at the communal kitchen.
  • The Food Club will be operated by a separate legal entity established solely to do this and operating its own bank account.
  • Each Apartment owner will be issued a one unit in the Food Club entity.
  • The rules and operations of the Food Club will be documented.
  • The Food Club will be operated to meet the cost of providing meals to residents. It will not be operated to make a profit.
Vegetarian Menu Possibilities
North Indian
South Indian
Fusion Indian