It’s Not The Years In Your Life But The Life In Your Years That Matters!

Based on the increasing life expectancy, currently over 82 years, one needs to think, plan and decide on their future lifestyle of around next 25 years from the age of 55 years.

Social isolation, loneliness, depression and dependency are not uncommon among people as they grow older. This is especially true when their children and grandchildren have moved on with their own lives. In this modern era, all family members need their own space to enjoy their lives.

These common problems surface even more in couples when one partner passes away and the other partner is left on their own.

Jeevan Saath’s goal is to offer a vibrant, independent, socially and physically active life with like-minded people in a secure and self-contained atmosphere.

What Makes Jeevan Saath A Unique Concept?
  • Offers a social, independent and secure lifestyle to people aged 55 and over
  • Aims at bringing like-minded people together
  • 67 spacious one and two bedroom apartments at affordable prices
  • Resort style communal facilities in a complex spread over 3000 square meters
  • A self-contained secure complex offering a community lifestyle to keep you physically active
  • Secure Undercover parking
  • Lifts in the Complex
  • An option to dine home-cooked vegeterain meals in the communal dining hall
  • Modern Indian culture infused with the best of the West!
  • Situated in a prime, well connected and convenient location
  • Strata titled apartment owned by you
  • Spacious yet easy to maintain apartment